Patahan (A Crack)

Size: 40cm x 50cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Artist: Taufik Hidayat

Single abstract figure, who is very mad with unordered situation that has been going on and on. Anger represented by red color, yet black background to emphasize the figure itself.


  • “Hari Pahlawan” Theatrical Show
    Held in November 10th 2006, in Gedung Joang 45 Jakarta - Indonesia, this outdoor theatrical show represents the long struggled of Indonesian heroes (pahlawan), to escape from tyrant. It was a single artist theatrical show, and I used mud as a symbol of the struggle, the pains and anger. As I walked down to the street, ...
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  • Painting Exhibition
    In June, I will have another painting exhibition, and it will be held in Surabaya – Indonesia. Most of the paintings have been reviewed here in my Blog, and the other paintings are still in finishing process. I have been preparing this exhibition for this half year, and hopefully I can post my latest Blog related to this exhibition soon ;).
  • My Tutorials Blog
    It still goes no where, but I will do something about it soon. I want to share what techniques that I use when I do my painting work, from line scratch to coloring. So be ready for it guys !
Taufik Hidayat
My name is TAUFIK HIDAYAT and this is my Personal Blog. I live in Surabaya, Indonesia. I'm a painter and I've been very interesting to what is happened around myself. My country is developing, along with the major issues of its politic, reformation, public needs, corruptor watch, and many more. I want to put those chaotic phenomenons into my paintings and hopefully my paintings will describe the better Indonesia in the future. These paintings inside my galery blog are mostly my work, and some paintings are for sale. I put some paintings that made by other artist also. If you would like to buy a painting, please email me at : I will reply as soon as possible and we will work out the price. The paintings begin at 500 dollars, and can be higher depended on the their size and certain themes.
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